Thursday, 5 April 2012

Top 5 for Friday

Well, it might as well be Friday here in the UK!  I've decided that every week I will blog about my Top 5 for that week on a Friday.  Whether it be ideas, plans, jokes, magazines, whatever, I will pick a my Top 5 for Friday.

As it's a Bank Holiday weekend this week I'm going to give you my Top 5 places to visit this weekend.  I live in Southampton so my Top 5 are all close enough to visit for a day.

1. Walk the Walls

Follow these signs and take in the city's amazing history.  I did this a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend and it only takes a few hours but it reveals so much about the city and is a really good tour of the more beautfiul parts of town.  This would also be fab as a bar crawl!

2. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

This is a must! Despite my expectations this was one of the most interesting places I've been since I moved to Southampton.  The ticket is fab too as there's too much to do in one day so it allows you to return as many times as you like in a year.  You will learn so much!

3. Jane Austen's House

If you are looking for a romantic day out this place is perfect.  I went there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was idyllic.  Lots of information about Jane and her family, but better still is the beautiful garden and quaint village of Chawton.  Take a picnic!

4. Walk the Rufus Stone

With the New Forest at your disposal the world is your oyster, but my reccomendation is a long walk to/from the Rufus Stone.  Cross streams and a golf course in your hunt for the historic place whereKing William III was fatally wounded and treat yourself to a pub lunch!  Be careful as you walk as your bound to come across some of the famous New Forest Ponies.

5. Brownsea Island

I'll have to fill you in on this one when I'm back, as this is where I'm heading for my Bank Holiday Weekend!

Whatever you're doing enjoy!

Rebecca x

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